Brazilliance wallpaper: vibrant green palm leaves on white background

Looking back on our trip to The Greenbrier Resort

Hello there!

Back in January of this year, my husband and I took a few days trip to West Virginia. We stayed at The Greenbrier and it was absolutely magical. I cannot wait to return! I found myself looking back on our trip there a lot in the last few weeks.

That is the beauty of travel – it enriches you with experiences, emotions, and most importantly memories. I turned to the happy memories of our trip to The Greenbrier to stay positive during the chaotic last few weeks of August. I thought you might like to join me as I look back on our time there. Enjoy this picture post! 🙂

Brazilliance wallpaper: vibrant green palm leaves on white background

Dorothy Draper – the designer of The Greenbrier’s current interior – also designed this wallpaper called “Brazilliance”. In this picture it looks like it has pink background, but it’s actually stark, crisp white. It’s beautiful, bold, and very fresh.

White and pink Draper’s sign on Brazilliance wallpaper

And ”Draper’s” cafe is a restaurant honoring her for turning The Greenbrier into the icon that it is today. She bravely chose bold colors and patterns in her work. I wouldn’t decorate our house in this style, but I am a fan of hers nonetheless.

July 4th 1972 dinner menu at Greenbriet

This is a formal dinner menu from 49 years ago. I find it so amusing that buttermilk is drink option.

Bug crystal chandelier with garlands above red carpet

We were there through the second weekend in January and they still had all their Christmas decorations up. It was spectacular!

Mirror and fireplace by the window
Floral wallpaper on green background
Closed white drapes with floral pattern
Sign “quiet please, it’s sleepy time down south”
Large window curtains with lemon patterns and bows on top
Lit up Christmas tree seen through Christmas wreath on a window
Lit up lamp on side table with a curtain behind it
Poinsetta Christmas tree with a sign “Greenbrier”
Green and pink carpet in a large room with white molding
Photo of a picture of ball attendees in 1901
Checkered floor, red walls, and crystal chandelier
Closed blue curtain with floral design
Small Christmas tree with three white busts above it
Room with dark green walls, red carpet, white molding, floral chair
Mint color walls, large eagle artwork above fireplace and floral couches
Two horses and a carriage

One of the things we did was a carriage ride around the resort. And these beautiful horses are named Stonewall and Gus.

Floral drapes and cushions, peach walls and wicker furniture

Pool area.

Greenbrier 26

One of so many breathtaking chandeliers – this kind is shining on The Dining Room, Greenbrier’s main restaurant.

Blue and white striped walls, palm tree carpet and Christmas garlands
Greenbrier peaches dessert with whipped cream and raspberry coulis

Naturally, I couldn’t leave you without some kind of food picture! 🙂 This is “Greenbrier peaches” – they are grown in California, exclusively for the resort.

If you would like to learn more about the resort, you can do so on their website

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