Cranberry orange marmalade and brie toast topped with fresh thyme leaves

Orange Cranberry Marmalade and Brie Toast

Hello and welcome back! This year is the first time for me to start Christmas preparations this early. And I have to say – I am loving it! I used to try and hold off until the day after Thanksgiving, but then everything just felt so hectic. Tree – decorations […]

Up close view of top layer of sashimi stack topped with sesame seeds

The Sashimi “Stack”

I suppose there is an actual name for this kind of dish, but I have always called it “The Sashimi Stack”. I came across a version of it on Zlata Panchenko’s Instagram page* years ago. I recreated it once for my husband’s birthday. And even though I bought a set […]

Browned bread cheese cut in sticks glistening with honey drizzle

Bread Cheese with Honey

It might look like I missed some words or commas in the title. I did not! 🙂 Bread cheese is relatively new to me and my husband but it’s quickly become one of our favorite ways to start a meal. I used to see it all the time at our […]

Halved dates stuffed with honey goat cheese and topped with pecan

Honey Goat Cheese and Pecan Stuffed Dates

I am not sure whether this dish falls under the category “Desserts” or “Appetizers”. It is definitely a little bit of both! Made with only three ingredients, it is an easy, quick, and delicious little bite. It is also a perfect snack to have on hand if your New Year’s […]

Four pieces of baguette with steak cubes, blue cheese, greens, balsamic reduction

Steak Crostini

If you google “date night in ideas”, 99% of the dinner suggestions will include steak. Steak, steak with crab cake/lobster tail/shrimp in surf & turf recipes, steak with a side that most commonly would be asparagus or some kind of potatoes (because meat and potatoes is still a top combination […]

Mini peppers stuffed with pimento cheese and topped with black pepper

Pimento Cheese Stuffed Mini Peppers

I don’t have an exciting story for these little guys. I’ve always passed by them at the store and thought “they’re so cute. I need to do something with them one day”. One of those days I went on with my grocery shopping and I saw a jar of pimento […]