Browned bread cheese cut in sticks glistening with honey drizzle

Bread Cheese with Honey

It might look like I missed some words or commas in the title. I did not! 🙂 Bread cheese is relatively new to me and my husband but it’s quickly become one of our favorite ways to start a meal.

I used to see it all the time at our local Wegman’s – right next to “Garlic Bread Cheese” by the same producer (Carr Valley Cheese). Despite the delicious sounding name, I hesitated trying it for the longest time. Until, one day, I did, and loved it.

The bread cheese is made by baking cheese curds in the oven until its top gets a beautifully browned crust. Like a piece of bread would, which is where it got the name “bread cheese”. The packaging suggested trying the bread cheese with honey, and the garlic bread cheese with marinara sauce. Both are simply unbelievable. Especially, if you prefer to avoid carbs.

It is such an easy thing to cook and it’s nothing but the bread cheese, heated up, and drizzled with honey. So, forgive me the absence of the recipe card. To be honest, I simply followed the suggestion on the packaging. It really doesn’t need anything else.

Browned bread cheese sticks on white and blue plate

How to cook it

Like I mentioned earlier, I simply followed the instructions on the packaging. I cook it without oil or butter on a non-stick pan, flipping every couple of minutes, until both sides are well browned. Then, I transfer it to the cutting board, cut in sticks or squares, divide between the plates, and drizzle with honey on top. Enjoy! 🙂

I used to eat a lot of Halloumi cheese which I highlighted in this salad recipe. You can also grill it, but it tastes a little saltier. I still like it a lot, but I definitely find myself in the middle of a Bread Cheese kick. Either way, cheese that you can grill is a wonderful thing!

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