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White bowl with traditional Russian borscht and topped with green onion

Traditional Russian Borscht

Some posts take a very long time to “cook”. This is one of them! Most people have heard the word Borscht, yet very few people are familiar with traditional Russian Borscht itself. Chances are, unless someone has cooked it for you – you imagine the Campbell’s Soup canned variety. I […]

Roasted baby potatoes in a skillet topped with sour cream and greens

Roasted Potatoes with Mushrooms

“Roasted Potatoes” are magical words to a Russian heart. It is something very familiar and comforting for most people. In post-Soviet countries, potatoes are consumed in very large quantities, year round. Roasted potatoes are a quick and easy dinner and are usually accompanied by some kind of smoked or pickled […]

Black and white wedding photo of a couple (my grandparents)

Eastern Shore, Memories, and Tea

Several months ago my husband and I took a quick trip to Cape Charles on Virginia’s Eastern Shore. We both felt we were long overdue for a vacation, but because that’s still a ways away, we wanted to clear our heads and spend a day somewhere close by. The Eastern […]