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Pastry on a plate and decorative pumpkin with letter C

Puff Pastry with Leftover Halloween Candy

2020 turned out like nothing we’d ever imagined or hoped for. I remember seeing all these posts on social media towards the end of 2019, about 2020 and all the holidays that would fall on the weekend. Including Halloween. Now, not to say that those posts didn’t age well… But […]

Stack of thin chocolate disks with various toppings

Chocolate Thins

These are the most unusual circumstances in which I have had to write. Usually, as the week begins, it is my quiet time to plan the week ahead of me. But this time, I realize, it is an unusually quiet time for lots of people. With entire countries being quarantined, […]

pistachio covered round chocolate candies and cup of tea

Dried Apricot and Pistachio Bonbons

About 4 months ago I started learning French. It is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time but only then decided to do. It’s been challenging at times (pronunciation, looking at you). But also – a lot of fun. One of the cutest words I’ve learned so […]