Piece of Manchego cheese on a wooden board with few slices cut off


This sheep’s milk cheese is my favorite, for many reasons. It’s my go-to for cheese boards because it is so easy to slice. It was my favorite cheese to cut a wheel of and wrap when I worked at a cheese counter. But most importantly – it is now my all-time favorite cheese to eat. And thanks to my above mentioned cheese counter job, I have tasted several hundred of them.

Manchego is made in Spain from sheep’s milk. Even though it now seems obvious to me, I didn’t realize for quite some time, that Manchego is from La Mancha (defenitly a « oh duh » moment for me).

Flavor profile

The best word to describe the flavor of Manchego is « herbaceous ». It not only sounds great, but it manages to highlight the exact flavor profile of this cheese. Herbaceous, as in – thyme, rosemary, sage, parsley, in perfect balance. And it may seem like the least sugar-compatible description ever, but Manchego paired with Quince paste is a classic combination. To further highlight the «herbaceouseness », I love to sprinkle a few thyme leaves over Manchego & Quince paste bites.

Not only is this cheese delicious, but the sheep’s milk it’s made with packs a whopping 70% more protein than cow’s milk. And, you’ve probably noticed that if left out, after awhile it starts « sweating ». Little drops of oil appear on it and don’t really make it look presentable. If you are taking your cheese out of the fridge an hour ahead of serving (as you should), simply dab it with paper towel, gently, to remove it. The reason for this is the high fat content (we are talking healthy fats, the ones that are so good for you) of sheep’s milk. It has twice as much fat as cow’s milk does.

Any sheep’s milk cheese is my favorite cheese, but Manchego is just the most reliable (it is literally sold everywhere these days, thankfully), it’s filling, it’s healthy, and it’s delicious. More often than not my dinner is a plate of Manchego slices with some chorizo and (naturally) a glass of Tempranillo. « What goes together, goes together is definitely a rule to live by on some days!

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