Wine glass with sparkling drink and raspberries, fresh lemons and limoncello pitcher

Limoncello Cocktail

Summer is not over yet, even though it may seem that way with stores filling up with Halloween and even Christmas stuff. Honestly, I got excited shopping for some fall themed tabletop pieces at Hobby Lobby. But the moment I stepped outside, I was met with bright sun and warm air and I was instantly reminded that we have at least two more months of this weather. So, despite placemats with pumpkins and a black cat shaped front door wreath, I decided to play with a few ingredients to create a summer-friendly drink.

I used homemade Limoncello, which was a project of mine a few months back. It was really easy to make, but it took a long time to steep. Before that, we’ve always had a bottle of store bought Limoncello in our freezer, which will work just as well in this recipe.

I strongly recommend using Moscato, as it is a much sweeter sparkling wine than the majority of them. Prosecco is perfect to mix with something like an orange juice, but mixed with Limoncello it’s just too dry.


For 1 drink, mix 6 oz of Moscato with 1 Tb (1/5 oz) of Limoncello. If you like your drinks stronger, add extra Limoncello. Add a few raspberries to the glass and enjoy!

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