Glass mug on a wooden coaster with foamy milk inside with cinnamon

Hot Milk and Honey Drink

My husband and I seem to go through phases with our favorite foods and drinks. We’ve gone through a tea phase and now we’re right smack in the middle of enjoying this Hot Milk and Honey Drink every night. Quiet nights-in are my favorite, but this drink makes it even more enjoyable and cozy. It has a certain cold weather feel to it but we have been drinking it since spring.

I actually didn’t use to like honey at all until I heard from someone that the local honey is said to help with allergies to those who are affected by them. It really works! And I learned to love it. Now, I start most days with coffee and a plain, whole-milk yogurt mixed with local honey. And I end most days with that same local honey warmed up in a hot, frothy milk drink.

This is hardly a full-on recipe so you have to excuse the absence of the recipe card. There simply wouldn’t be enough to put on it! 🙂

Glass mug on a wooden coaster with foamy milk inside with cinnamon

Recipe Notes

You don’t have to use local honey unless you’re looking for allergy relief.

To make frothy milk, we use the steam wand on our espresso machine. It is prepared the same way it would be for a latte. There are some hand-held milk frothers out there too. You can also heat up the milk on the stove top in a saucepan. If you do, though, don’t look away even for a second! Take it off the heat when it starts to steam but not boil. Milk goes from absolutely flat to a rolling boil in a blink of an eye and it spills everywhere.

And now, the very simple, but wonderful formula for this cozy drink:

1 cup of steamed milk + 1 teaspoon (or more!) of honey, stirred, and topped with cinnamon. You may find you like it more or less sweet – do what tastes right!

Glass mug with foamy milk inside with cinnamon

You might also like Hot Apple Cider – according to my mother-in-law, it tastes like Apple Pie in a cup 🙂

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