Bowl of Dominique Ansel Christmas Cereal with milk

Cooking with… Dominique Ansel: Christmas Morning Cereal

Hello and welcome back!

Don’t be surprised by my apparent jump over Thanksgiving. I am still getting (and carving) pumpkins, dressing up for Halloween, and I plan on eating cranberry everything in November. But I am also starting to get really excited about the best holiday of the year – Christmas! My husband and I love everything about Christmas. We have a whole list of our very own traditions.

It started (not surprisingly!) on Christmas, also. Several years ago, my husband gifted me with Dominique Ansel’s “The secret recipes” cookbook. I love this book so much, I listed it as one of my most favorite cookbooks. I read it cover to cover, even though it took me a couple more years to try using its recipes.

Then, before actually trying the recipe, I found out that you could buy the cereal online which is how we tried it for the first time.

Box of Dominique Ansel Christmas morning cereal in front of Christmas tree

Christmas Morning Cereal

It is delicious. I am biased, but still think homemade is better. Also, less expensive.

But back to delicious – it consists of Rice Krispie clusters covered in melted chocolate, toasted and caramelized hazelnuts and “Mini-Me’s” – Dominique Ansel’s signature bite-sized merengues. Merengues might be the best part – they are crunchy, light, and just so fun to eat. I always make extra for my husband and I to have with our coffee. Mini-Me’s are a separate recipe and it’s the most time consuming part of the cereal. Even though I now consider myself very familiar with this recipe (this year will be my third year of making), I still follow the recipe very closely.

Dominique Ansel Mini-Me’s small Swiss merengues
Cinnamon Mini-Me’s – bite sized merengues – in the making.

Now, I am not that big of a fan of cereal in general – they are too sugary for me to justify eating them. Delicious, of course, but too sugary nonetheless. But I am not worried about it when it’s a holiday tradition. Eating it once a year makes it a perfect Christmas morning treat. Even though we eat it before and after Christmas morning.

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