Hello and welcome! I am Yana – a housewife and a blogger. Babushka Cooking is a place for me to share traditional Russian recipes, day-to-day dishes I create, special occasion meals and travel stories.

I create my recipes and posts one at a time, to maintain a journal-like narrative based on my culinary adventures and experiences.



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Recent Posts

Bowl of pumpkin oatmeal topped with butter and pecans

Thanksgiving Oatmeal

Hello and welcome back! Can you believe that 2021 will be over in just a few weeks? I feel though as if most of it has gone by in an effort to forget 2020. Whether you had the best year, or worst year, I hope these last few weeks of […]

Creamy lemon chicken and potatoes in cast iron skillet

Creamy Lemon Chicken and Potatoes in Cast Iron Skillet

Hello and welcome back! In my most recent Newsletter, I happily reported on how amazing our weather has been. And then BAM! Rain, stormy winds, 15 degree temperature drop. To go straight to the recipe for Creamy Lemon Chicken and Potatoes in Cast Iron, click here. Although I’d much rather […]

Ceramic ice cream cone with parchment paper and french fries

Oven Fries

Hello there! I am going to jump right in to it – I am SO happy with this recipe! It’s quick and easy, which is a big deal for homemade french fries. Of course, these are slightly different from restaurant fries. But to me, it’s infinitely better. It’s made with […]

Top down view of a sashimi stack topped with sesame seeds

The Sashimi “Stack”

I suppose there is an actual name for this kind of dish, but I have always called it “The Sashimi Stack”. I came across a version of it on Zlata Panchenko’s Instagram page* years ago. I recreated it once for my husband’s birthday. And even though I bought a set […]

Bowl of Dominique Ansel Christmas Cereal with milk

Cooking with… Dominique Ansel: Christmas Morning Cereal

Hello and welcome back! Don’t be surprised by my apparent jump over Thanksgiving. I am still getting (and carving) pumpkins, dressing up for Halloween, and I plan on eating cranberry everything in November. But I am also starting to get really excited about the best holiday of the year – […]

Cast iron skillet with baked cinnamon rolls

My Kitchen Must-Haves, Part 4 – Cookware

Hello and welcome back! Back in July, I shared with you some ingredients I consider my must-haves. I mentioned at the end of that post that I was transitioning from non-stick pans to cookware made with more natural materials. Overtime, I got better at getting the same results with stainless […]

Black slate board with two steaks cut in slices

Steak Series: The Meat

Hello and welcome back! Awhile ago, I shared few posts highlighting several cheeses I love and use a lot in my cooking. If you’d like a look back, you can find them in the Cheese category. This time, I thought about focusing on another food that I simply cannot live […]

Small bowl of vareniki: Russian dumplings with potato and onions

Vareniki: Russian Potato Dumplings

Hello and welcome back to another recipe from Russia, with love! Earlier this year I shared with you a recipe for meat dumplings called Pelmeni. Juicy, comforting, filling, lovely Pelmeni. Vareniki is made with the exact same dough but uses a different filling. It also has a slightly different shape. […]

Browned bread cheese cut in sticks glistening with honey drizzle

Bread Cheese with Honey

It might look like I missed some words or commas in the title. I did not! 🙂 Bread cheese is relatively new to me and my husband but it’s quickly become one of our favorite ways to start a meal. I used to see it all the time at our […]

Smoked salmon and dill cream cheese toast with cucumbers

Smoked Salmon and Dill Cream Cheese Toast

As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I was very happy with the bread from Nigella Lawson’s cookbook. I used it to make this smoked salmon toast served with dill cream cheese. I also added a few slices of fresh cucumber for a refreshing crunch. If I had […]